Small concrete pump Caution 1, small concrete pump car before being put into use, it is best to conduct a comprehensive inspection and test, everything is normal, before official use. 2, capacity, quality and delivery of concrete slump may reference use, may also consult directly to the sales staff, the tank size determines the mixing capacity, it can not be arbitrarily applied. 3 small concrete pump at open space parking, High Quality Concrete Vibrator Rubber Hose loading should be preceded by the mixing tube reverse, we put the barrel of water and debris discharged, in order to ensure delivery of quality concrete. 4, when the hopper, discharge chute next to work, to be equipped with protective equipment. Do not close the hopper and stirring port, and do not peep inward, but can not lay a hand rotating mixing tube, to avoid danger. 5, when the small concrete pump truck on the highway, flipping extended chute must be placed on the discharge chute with hooks for hanging in prison, then go with the body vertical position, with a locking device to lock the discharge chute and extended chute in the machine shelves, not fixed but prevent shaking, causing accidents and injuries affect other vehicle operation. 6, small concrete pump at the bridge, caves concrete vibrator for sale china and other facilities, it must pay attention to avoid damaging the mixer to bear the weight by the height of the size and pavement. 7, small concrete pump working device continuous operation time should not exceed 8h, proper rest helps prolong the life of the mixer. 8, the time of delivery, such as found in the water evaporates, the slump is low can not meet user requirements, may be appropriate to add water to the barrel, then 12-14r / min speed of rotation of 30 revolutions after discharge. 9, small concrete pump in no-load operation and transport of concrete during mixing tube can not be stopped in order to avoid the raceway, roller or collision damage locally produced concrete segregation phenomenon. 10, the water tank should always fill, in order to prepare for emergencies. Before the tank with water, must play an open valve to release the air inside, inflatable water must be promptly closed air reservoir. main feature 1. silo installation of non-stick material lining wear, reduce material adhesion, reducing materials knot arches. 2. The attached vibration motors, using a special form of mounting structure, allows the entire surface evenly hopper vibration, broken arch, better cutting effect. 3. With four screw High-precision dosing fabric, cloth amount error is less than 2%, according to the site process, walking the line, flexible cloth stepless speed adjustment. The cloth spiral blade edge inserts welded gasoline concrete vibrator poker alloy wearable pieces, to ensure the normal operation of the screw shaft 10 months, the screw shaft designed to be easily removable manner. 5. spreader hopper door opening and closing hydraulic accumulator equipped, can quickly open and close, precise cloth to prevent falling more than expected, pneumatic closed lax. 6. cloth machine is equipped with anti-collision safety device to ensure personal safety, safety equipment operator when the machine move the fabric. 7. cloth to clean the machine, the bottom portion of the screw conveyor is designed to open and close three parts, the use of hydraulic opening and closing can be easily discharged residual sand and gravel, can be an emergency discharge. 8. The arrangement clean cloth machine below the hopper, clean water can be collected sand cloth machine protection workshop clean.